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We Have A New Look!


You found our new web site which launched in September 2018! We love it and we hope you do too! RexDon partnered with SiteCarpenter.com Websites to create a new, secure, mobile-friendly web site. We encourage you to check them out!



Transflo Partnership

transflo.jpgIn August of 2017, RexDon partnered with Transflo Express to allow our owner/operators to send their trip paperwork and most other documents via a range of options including a mobile app and truckstop scanning while retaining the ability to use Trip-Pak 2-day service.


Geotab ELD rollout

In May of 2017, RexDon contracted with GoFleet to implement the Geotab ELD device across our fleet.


We Have Moved!

RexDon BuildingAfter nearly 60 years in the same building, in September 2015 we broke ground on a new office building, located directly south of our old building. Our mailing and physical address have remained the same.

We transitioned to the new building in the spring of 2016, and we hope the new facility will be as long-lived and useful as our previous building has been! Here is a picture of our completed facility!



Frontline Logo

RexDon + Frontline Software Technology, Inc.

We have partnered with Frontline Software Technology, Inc. as our primary supplier of trucking software.

Load Progress Reports!Yellow Truck

RexDon has teamed up with Frontline Software Technology, Inc. to implement a new service, which we believe will greatly benefit our customers. Load Progress Reports will automatically send you an email to let you know how your load delivery is progressing. We can custom configure your LPRs so that you receive notice of specific freight delivery events. For example, once an order is booked, we’ll send a you a notice when:

  • A trailer delivery is planned for a driver
  • That driver is actually enroute to your freight
  • The delivery is complete

We can even customize who in your company receives which emails. Email [Please enable javascript.] for details!